The Art of Wendy Powell
Western Canadian Wildlife Paintings
Western Canadian wildlife paintings by artist Wendy Powell.

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Price: $750 CAD

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The penguin body is well suited to swimming in water. Their wings act as flippers, and they stay buoyant by trapping air in their feathers.

On land, however, our tuxedoed friends travel much more awkwardly. They usually waddle upright on their feet, using their wings and tail for balance. For short bursts of speed, they sometimes jump with both feet together.

A more amusing way of getting around is called "tobogganing," where penguins slide on their bellies. They can sled downhill or use their feet to push them across level terrain.

What, Me Chubby?
$500 CAD (framed)
Image: 5.7 x 4.0 in. (15 x 10 cm)
Frame: 13 x 11 in. (33 x 29 cm)