The Art of Wendy Powell
Western Canadian Wildlife Paintings
Western Canadian wildlife paintings by artist Wendy Powell.

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Price: $1,650 CAD

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Yawns are both satisfying and functional. Many mammals, birds, and reptiles employ the yawn for various uses.

It might increase alertness, reduce nervousness, and regulate body temperature. Some penguin species use yawning as part of their courtship ritual.

There are many stories and some research that indicate yawning is "contagious." One animal's yawn can cause another to "sympathetically" yawn. This reflex can even spread across species. When a person yawns, a dog soon might follow.

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Trying to be Just Like Dad
$650 CAD (framed)
Image: 4.7 x 5.1 in. (12 x 13 cm)
Frame: 12 x 13 in. (31 x 33 cm)