The Art of Wendy Powell
Western Canadian Wildlife Paintings
Western Canadian wildlife paintings by artist Wendy Powell.

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Price: $300 CAD

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The American Goldfinch (or Eastern Goldfinch or Wild Canary) coexists easily with humans and frequently is found in residental areas. Open meadows are the birds' preferred habitat.

These social animals form large flocks during non-breeding seasons. They usually are monogomous. The female sits on her eggs about 95 percent of the time. While she nests, her mate feeds her.

The finch's cone-shaped beak is well suited to cracking seeds, their main food. They sometimes feed protein-rich insects to their young.

During the Middle Ages, Goldfinches were associated with the Christ child and often appeared in illuminated manuscripts.

Garden Gold
$800 CAD (framed)
Image: 13 x 8.5 in. (34 x 22 cm)
Frame: 23 x 18 in. (58 x 46 cm)